Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's the end of 2011...

... and my last post is from 2009! Gosh... so much has happened and my life has changed dramatically. Two pregnancies, which brought on plenty of food aversions (could not even look at non-vegetarian, coffee, chocolate, mushrooms, most Indian food...), then two kids in tow (and a miraculously recovered appetite & a newly acquired sweet tooth!!!)... But of course all this is not an excuse that I have not even looked at my blogs for 2 years. Recently, at a moms' meeting, someone told me they checked out and loved my blogs (this one and "The Firang Diaries")... I felt both elated, and like a complete fraud!! Did people actually READ my ramblings?? Then, I went on a girls trip and we were all checking out a common friends' blog on food and I thought, hey I can do BETTER!!! Then, I logged on today and found out I had 4 followers!!! 4 precious, totally neglected followers... I know it's a tiny number, but the fact that these people took the effort to follow my thoughts really touches me and I THANK them!

And although my kitchen exploits have been extremely rare lately, this blog is about much more than making food. It's about discovering it, appreciating it, reading about it, tasting it etc... Which gives me plenty of opportunity to write.

So here I am, and please don't give up on me!!!